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Artist: Annette Violet Sawers

Artist's Bio - Annette Violet Sawers

I have always had a love for drawing and painting, and remember at a young age getting excited over a new box of crayola crayons, or a new box of paints.

In my early twenties I decided to emigrate to Calgary, Alberta, Canada from England, without even visiting once. I then went and lived for 6 years in the USA and took an art degree in Elko, Nevada, at the Great Basin College. I am now a full time artist/teacher and work out of my studio on my acreage in Nova Scotia's, South Shore.

My folk art/pop art pieces are bold in colour as well as subjects, usually depicting Maritime life. When I paint these pieces I am filled with the joy of all the bold colours that I use to flood the canvas. It makes me happy and I am definitely not a beige person. Atlantic Canada is full of colour from our houses to the beautiful skies and water that surrounds our Province.

I teach art to children and adults, of all ages. Some artists will not even consider teaching children, I find they bring incredible energy to the studio and they are like little sponges that soak up vast amounts of information and have no inhibitions like many adults do. They are also incredibly funny and usually as long as there is plenty of paint around will never, ever be intimidated by that fearful blank canvas or paper. My students have become friends, I have seen the children grow and change, and the adults loosen up and blossom, their lives have all been enriched with having art in it.

I enjoy travel and have lived in many countries. On a whim I rented for three months an off the grid house right on the beach in San Felipe, Mexico. In total it was 500 sq. ft., no washing machine, no dishwasher, and no hairdryer lead to, less housework, a respect for the power needed to run our lives, and very, very bad hair days. After 3 months I had experienced being able to paint outside enjoyed the simplicity of the Mexican culture and had captured on canvas many amazing subjects. I plan on doing more traveling and staying long enough to appreciate different cultures.

In closing I would like to share with you my philosophy on life. I was given a greetings card many years ago, which now hangs in my studio, I was so taken with the words, as it describes my approach to painting exactly, it says: "The world is a canvas, throw as much paint as you can at it".

© 2017 Annette Violet Sawers